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The ClawsIDesign® is a Black Owned nail art sketchbook company, with the a hidden journey starting in 2013 by conceptual nail art blogger,  Nikiba Marshall as she ventures through the market of nail-art in 2015!

Balanced life as a full time business student at Bernard M. Baruch College in New York City, Ceo & Founder of ClawsiDesign®  , Nikiba is recognized on the internet for her forward approach in the nail-art market and is the inventor of the first nail-art sketchbook produce and distributing in the nails market ,which is featured in the June 2016 issue of Nails Magazine.Yes, this empowered WOC invents the world's first nail-art sketchbook being produce and distribute to clients in the nail-art market, who appreciate a innovation that did not exist prior.

With rare multi-faceting abilities, exuding experience: welcome to ClawsiDesign®:

The original nail-art sketchbook company.

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