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ClawsIDesign: Inventor's Nail Sketch Experience w/ Alena J


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Work particulars:

Original nail design print from, ClawsIDesign's best seller book 'Claws Etiquette'. Tapered Square, Limited Edition

This collectible artwork is 1 of 1, apart of a limited edition releases of 30. This release is 4/30.


Each are stamped, signed and numbered.


Hand drawn, 'Gudetama' inspired artwork by Alena J.

Arcylic paint

27.94 x 43.18cmMidi Claws




Included [ Insurance additional fee]



The Artist:

" Hiii! For five years, I’ve been a LA based nail artist that specializes in natural nail care and hand painted nail art. I often play video games, when I am not in my studio painting tiny art on nail canvas. …And lots of adventure with my family and friends!

My experience with ClawsIDesign nail design book helps me a lot! It’s hard being a creator, but using ClawsIDesign books helps my clients and me brainstorm before hand. I get to save lots of ideas there that I would most likely forget in the future! Progressing my imaginative hand drawn techniques now into a new innovative way with, ClawsIDesign collectible artwork "- Alena J



Made in USA. Trademark rights owned by, ClawsIDesign® The original nail-art sketchbook company.


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