ClawsIDesign PIONEERS [Heterogeneous!]

ClawsIDesign PIONEERS [Heterogeneous!]



*1 ClawsIDesign finger nail-art concept book [ Heterogeneous!]


*2 realistic fingers to create: nail art, hard gel techniques, acrylics , swatch nail polish & more. Durable.


*2 ClawsIDesign mini notebooks Use Gels, polish, acrylic paint and more w your ClawsIDesign. Easy to sketch nail art, swatching, embelisment pratice + more!


Whether you are creating ideas for nails or toes while traveling around the world or bringing the world to you locally, ClawslDesign products fits well in any handbag... official nail-mate!


Made in Brooklyn, USA. Trademark rights owned by, ClawsIDesign® The original nail-art sketchbook company.


US shipments $60+ FREE


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